10 nurses of the same department of the same hospital, one doctor; Coincidence or something else! / 10 medical nurses and 1 doctor of same department form same hospital, are pregnant at same time in usa

Own report: Surprising to hear, this is what happened at Liberty Hospital in America. There are 11 people working in the same department who got pregnant together. Among them are 10 nurses and a doctor. However, this is not the first time that the United States has witnessed such an incident for the third time in the last five years.

It is learned that all expectant mothers will give birth between July and November. According to hospital sources, the pregnant women all work in the same department. They said, “It’s good to know the news. Everyone is taking care of everyone.”

As soon as this news is known, many people are joking. Some say there must be something wrong with the hospital water! Although pregnant women each go to work with their own water bottle.

The first such incident took place in 2019 at the American Labor and Delivery Unit of Men’s Medical Center. There, 9 nurses from the same department became pregnant together. Before that, in 2016, 6 staff members of Anderson Hospital in America got pregnant together.

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