‘Manik’ / manik saha has been appointed as the new cm of tripura to know who he is

Own report: BJP’s Tripura state president Manik Saha will be seen as the chief minister this time. He is set to replace former chief minister Biplob Deb.

After Biplob Dev resigned from the post of Chief Minister on Saturday, the party announced the name of Manik Saha as the new Chief Minister in his place. The face of the Chief Minister was changed a year before the state assembly elections. Earlier, Gujarat and Karnataka were changed the face of the BJP chief minister.

Biplob Deb’s resignation will bring all the light on Manik Saha in a very natural way. Political circles feel that the BJP is handing over the difficult task of overcoming the electoral dilemma of 2023 to Manik Saha at a crucial time.

The BJP sent Manik Saha, a dentist by profession, to the Rajya Sabha from Tripura. He was elected to the Rajya Sabha in 2022. Manik Saha left the Congress in 2016 and joined the BJP. Then in 2020 he was made the state president of the party on behalf of the party.

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Biplob will fight to establish BJP in the government in 2018 elections. The 25-year-old left fell to the state through his hands. And then Manik Saha took his place.

He is also the President of the Tripura Cricket Association. Prior to joining active politics, he was a teacher at the Tripura Medical College in Hapania.

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