Massive fire breaks out at hospital in Amritsar

Own report: The interval is only a few hours. After Delhi, this time Amritsar in Punjab. The devastating fire was at Guru Nanakdev Hospital in the city. The black smoke spread panic among the patients. However, no casualties were reported.

According to the fire department, it was 8 o’clock. This morning a fire broke out in the record room of Guru Nanakdev Hospital. Black smoke gushes out. Seeing that, the patients became terrified. He rushed to the hospital. Many people started running in panic.

Upon receiving the news, the fire brigade reached the spot. Patients are quickly evacuated. The fire is now under control. No one was injured. However, it is reported that all the documents in the record room of the hospital have been burnt.

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Meanwhile, a multi-storey fire broke out at Mundka metro station in West Delhi on Friday night. Twenty-seven people have died so far in the blaze. Burnt remains of many people were found from the second floor of the house. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced financial assistance of Rs 2 lakh per family of the victims.

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