Modi likes to travel abroad at night, you know why? / heres why PM Narendra Modi prefers to travel by night on foreign tours

Own report: It is clear from the schedule of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s foreign tours for the last 15 days that he is very busy. Earlier this month, Modi paid a three-day visit to Germany, Denmark and France, and then to Nepal on Buddha Jayanti. The Prime Minister will pay another important visit to Japan next week. If you look at the schedule of his foreign trip this month too, you will be shocked.

If Modi’s schedule is scrutinized, there is a pattern. He travels at night to save most of his time. He did all the work the next day, attended the meeting, and then flew to the next destination overnight. His visit to Japan will be no exception. He will leave on the night of May 22, arrive in Tokyo on the morning of May 23, and go straight to work from there.

He will hold meetings with top businessmen and address the people of the Indian community. Prime Minister Modi will attend the quad meeting the next day, hold bilateral meetings and then return to India that night. Looking at his recent visits, it can be seen that the Prime Minister has also spent only one night in Germany and Denmark. Similarly, he will spend only one night in Japan and return at night.

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