Pak MP’s bedroom video leaked, allegations against third wife / pak mp aamir liaquat is angry against his third wife Daniya shah over his leaked bedroom video

Own report: Bedroom video of Pakistani MP Aamir Liaquat has recently gone viral on social media. After that he mocked his third wife Daniya Shah. With his own video leaked, Liaquat has become suspicious of his third wife.

A few days ago, Amir’s third wife Dania filed a divorce case against him in court. Dania has accused Aamir of beating her and forcing her to take nude videos.

Aamir reacted on Twitter after the video was leaked. What is his attitude towards the person who leaked the video? He also raised the question of where is the justice system that protects the dignity of every citizen. Why did the cyber crime branch not take any action in this regard? He quipped that those who commit adultery are good and those who choose marriage are bad.

Complaining against the third wife, the MP said Dania has tarnished the healthy relationship. He also said that he was made fun of in this video. He further added that Dania has crossed the line in all cases. According to MPs, the video is being morphed and propagated. Although Dania is directly denying Amir’s allegations.

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Dania says someone sent her this video. She did not complain against anyone but only sought separation from her husband. Dania also accused her husband of drinking and using drugs. Dania also said that Amir Liaquat used to make such videos with her and send them to foreigners.

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