‘Protest’ to announce Manik’s name, the minister threw a chair in front of the central leader! / After Manik Saha elected Tripura CM, BJP MLA Ramprasad Pal stage agitation

Own report: Biplab Kumar Deb resigns. After the announcement of Manik Saha as the new Chief Minister of Tripura, riots started. Anger erupted as part of the party.

Allegedly, Ramprasad Pal, a member of the state cabinet, got angry when the name of Manik Saha was announced. He left the chair to Bhupendra Yadav, the Union Minister and Tripura observer. After the resignation of Biplob Deb, a meeting was held at the Chief Minister’s residence to elect a new leader of the cabinet. It was attended by ministers, MLAs and top leaders of the state and central BJP. According to sources, the announcement of Manik Saha’s name caused a stir. State cabinet member Ramprasad Pal erupted in anger. The team is known to be close to Biplob Dev.

After a meeting with Amit Shah on Friday, Biplab Kumar Deb resigned from the post of Chief Minister on Saturday. According to sources, he was asked to resign at that meeting. A few months later, the assembly vote in Tripura. The Trinamool Congress (TMC) has already started strengthening its organization there. As a result, the resignation of the revolution is considered by the political circles as a masterstroke of the BJP.

Incidentally, in all the states where anti-establishment sentiment has intensified, Modi-Shahra has repeatedly resorted to change of leadership. Aquatic examples of Karnataka, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Assam. Therefore, informed quarters think that this move of BJP before the Assembly vote in Tripura is a repetition of that strategy.

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