Something to worry about in Kerala now doctors suggesting possible treatment for this

Own report: Tomato Fever! This is a complex problem affecting many children across Kerala. Over the past one week, the viral fever has been on the rise in several areas of the state, including Kollam. Many children suffer from skin infections, dehydration, blisters and other symptoms. Basically, only children aged 1-5 years are affected by this disease.

Tomato Fever: Where did this name come from?

The name comes from a type of blister on children’s skin. The viral infection is so named because it looks like a red ripe tomato and contains water. There is also fever and pain in the body when infected with this virus. Basically, these blisters appear on the hands, feet and face.

What is the way to survive tomato fever?

According to virologists,

1) At this time children should be boiled water and fed it cold.

2) If blisters appear anywhere on the body, you need to make sure that your baby does not itch in any way. Then the infection can spread further from there.

3) Proper hygiene should be maintained at this time. Clothes, utensils and other items used by infected children in particular need to be washed thoroughly.

4) The baby should be bathed twice a day in a little hot water.

5) As soon as the slightest symptoms appear, the doctor should be consulted.

Special measures have already been taken by the Kerala government to address this issue. Not only that, other states have also been advised to be vigilant.

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