What is it! Aliens? Rumors abound about ‘mysterious’ objects falling from the sky

Own report: Rumors abound about ‘mysterious’ objects falling from the sky. What is it! Aliens? Meteor? Or part of a space station? Many say again, the broken part of the artificial satellite! All in all, fog has been created.

One after another in Gujarat, ‘mysterious’ objects fell from the sky on this day. A metallic object that looks like a black ball. Weighs about 5 kg. This ‘mysterious’ object fell in Bahlej, Khamvolaj and Rampura. And that is the peak of speculation.

According to the local villagers, suddenly a loud noise was heard. Then he ran out of the house and saw what was lying on the ground! One by one … all within 15 kilometers of each other.

However, the local administration said no one was injured in the incident. What’s the matter? The experiment has started with that.

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