Why did Biplob Deb resign as the Chief Minister of Tripura? The real reason in front / Biplab Kumar Deb and Bhupendra Yadav’s byte on sudden resignation of Tripura CM

Own report: The decision was made on Friday. On Saturday, Biplab Kumar Deb resigned as the Chief Minister of Tripura. The new Chief Minister of Tripura is Manik Saha.

A few months later, the assembly vote in Tripura. The Trinamool Congress (TMC) has already started strengthening its organization there. Earlier, the resignation of the revolution was seen by the political circles as a masterstroke of the BJP. On Saturday afternoon, Biplab Kumar Deb went to Raj Bhavan with Union Minister and Tripura observer Bhupendra Yadav. Then they came out of the palace and suddenly gave the reason for resignation.

Bhupendra Yadav said, “In the last four years, good governance has been established in Tripura under the leadership of Biplob Deb. You will continue to play an important role. “

Biplab Kumar Deb said, “There is a vote in 2023. The party wants to use me in the organization. Normally, if there is an organization, there will be a government. So we have to work in the organization for 2023.”

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